travelling koh tao



A 10 min walk brings you from Sunset to Chalok Bay. Here you find beach bars, restaurants, diving schools, shops, fruits and even a pizzeria. Dispite those many attractions Chalok Bay is still a quite relaxed place. You can even have a nap in a restaurant... Some places offer free WIFI.


Starting from Sunset Bungalows you climb up past the highest Bungalow. When you back faces the sea turn left and follow the small and sometimes not easy to distinguish path through the jungle. Its worthwhile. 

You will pass many lovely view points. Part of the track leads you through a kind of coconut park. Past this you reach a beach with the very recommendable Banana Rock Bar. Snorkling is great here too.

You can actually follow the coast till you come to Mae Haad were you arrived. If you do so - make sure you either take a taxi car back or you start your homeward walk way before nightfall - for this path is great but really not advisable at night.



Both places almost melt into one. They are the largest and most crowded places on the island. 

Combine a shopping tour with a great thai massage and dance through the night in one of the bars.


An easy way to explore the island is by motorbike. There is one big road which leads from the north of the island to the south - that is from the Nangyuan Viewpoint to Charlok Bay. 

The smaller roads are not always easy for the inexperienced driver as they can be very steep and are sometimes dry mudroads.

If in doubt invest in a guided tour either by taxi or by longtail taxi boat. Both are offered at Sunset.

You can rent a motorbike at Sunset and gas is available at almost any little shop.


Koh Nang Yuan is a small island in the north of Koh Tao. Both rocks are connected by a small beach. 

The underwater world around Nang Yuan is stunning for snorklers as well as for divers.

Japanes Garden - is a true paradise for snorklers and is close to the Nang Yuan beach. Which is a good thing - for even though you might not want to - a little rest at the beach bar is indeed a good way to get back your strength and allow for a longer exploration...

You can get to Nang Yuan either with Jack in his taxi boat or you go to Mae Haad or the Nangyuan Viewpoint and get a taxi boat from there.