Welcome to the Koh Tao - Temple Project

The Temple Project welcomes everyone to worship their Gods, find peace, rest, recreation, happiness, guidance, contemplation, meditation and inspiration.

Work on the Temple is still in progress and everyone is invited to spend some time here and help with whatever skills they can bring to the project.

The priestess of the Temple offers meditation and yoga classes.

A small local community meets regularly for worship services and welcomes any guests.

The temple is situated on a mountain not very far from sunset bungalows. The site had been the property of the sunset family. In support of the Temple Project they donated the land.

Apart from the temple building, there are a community building, some little huts for rest and sleep and two worship platforms.  

At the heart of the project is the building of a 9 metre tall statue to the Chinese Goddess Bodhisattva Guanyin. 

In October there is a special festival - celebrating natures gifts.

Get involved and spend part of your holiday at the Temple and help build a place for happiness and recreation.

view from the Temple down to the sea